The TrustMe Team

“Protecting staff rights against negative effects of acute reforms and restructuring.”

“Minimizing negative effects of posts cuts, such as during downsizing and the implementation of GSDM, on staff careers and job security through adequate and practical mitigating measures.”

“Monitoring and acting proactively against new risks to staff employment, conditions of service, careers, wellbeing, and welfare.”

“Promoting policies for career development, mobility and advancement.”

“Assuring a harassment-free, fair, safe and healthy working and living environment.”

“Improving policies of work/life balance for both single staff and staff with dependents.”

“Improving our collective power, internal and inter-union mechanisms and UNFSU communication with stakeholders.”

“Communicating better UNFSU Election with staff to the end of sharing information and polling different perspectives.”

“Provide and promote opportunities of decent and productive work and a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for both women and men from across our diversified geographical and cultural spectrum for the benefit of both the staff and the organization.”

“Safeguard the acquired rights of staff through early engagement with the stakeholders, characterized by situational awareness, political insightfulness and persuasive ability.”

”Bolster a relationship of partnership with policymakers that is based on credibility, better communication, reasoning and ethics.“

“Find optimal solutions that achieve the organizational goals without further infringing the quality UNFSU of employment and indoctrinate the belief in staff as worth not as cost.”

“Promote global awareness and Alda De Barros support through two-way communication with the constituency, sister unions FSU Election and federations.”

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